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Troll Ground Coffee

Troll Ground Coffee

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Troll Ground Coffee: Supernatural Powers
Our Gourmet Coffee: Unlike most coffees, our beans are carefully roasted in a small batch roaster. Without the benefit of gauges, gadgets and high technology our beans require constant attention, both visually and aromatically in order to ensure the correct roast for each batch. We like to think of this as "romancing the bountiful bean," a technique of days gone by, reproduced for your enjoyment.

History of Coffee: The history of coffee has been recorded as far back as the ninth century. At first, coffee remained largely confined to Ethiopia, where its native beans were first cultivated by Ethiopian highlanders. However, the Arab world bean expanding its trade horizons, and the beans moved into northern Africa and were mass-cultivated. From there, the beans entered the Indian and European markets, and the popularity of the beverage spread.

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