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Leksand Knäckebröd - Crispbread Wedges

Leksand Knäckebröd - Crispbread Wedges

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Leksand Crispbread Wedges
Leksand Crispbread Wedges are in a 7 ounce package. This Leksand Crispbread Wedges are Pre-cut knäckebröd directly from the bakery in Leksand, Sweden. Leksand Crispbread Wedges are whole-grain rye and sugar-free.

In Sweden, every morning, good Swedish folk gather around their kitchen nooks and spread salmon paste and butter and jam preserves upon thin breads of many varieties.With the great texture of Leksand Crispbread Wedges thin bread, it lends essential companionship to any breakfast platter. Leksand Crispbread Wedges is a great Swedish food.

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