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Lakerol (Läkerol) Box - Cactus Licorice

Lakerol (Läkerol) Box - Cactus Licorice

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Swedish Cactus Licorice Lakerol (Läkerol)
Swedish Läkerol Boxes are .8 oz. each. Soothing Flavorful Läkerol Candy Throat Lozenges.

Läkerol was founded by Adolf Ahlgren in 1909 and because of their founder, every candy is stamped with the imprint of the letter "A". The name "Läkerol" comes from the Swedish word "läka", which means "heal". In the 1980s Björn Borg did a series of advertisements for Läkerol.

Ingredients: Sweeteners (maltitol syrup, sorbitol syrup, steviol glycosides), stavilizer (gum arabic), licorice extract, amonium chloride, natural flavorings and artificial flavorings, palm and coconut oil, glazing agent (carnauba wax). Exessive consumption may cause laxative effects. Contains licorice - people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

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