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Bond Ost Plain - Approximately 2.5 lb. rounds

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Bond Ost Plain Round. Bond Ost is from Chicago USA. Bond Ost Plain Round is Approximately 2.5 pounds. Bond Ost Plain is perishable and may require additional shipping charges.

As one of our most cherished of Swedish food items, Bond Ost Plain is a wonderful addition to any cheese platter or snack tray. Bond Ost Plain is a perfect companion to any afternoon coffee.

BondOst or Bond Ost was invented by the Stromwall Brothers in 1900. Bondost is the Swedish word for Farmers Cheese. BondOst is made by pasteurized whole milk being curdled, heated, cut, salted, stirred and pressed into forms. The Bond Ost is immersed in brine for a day or two. After that, Bond Ost or BondOst is ripened for six to eight weeks. Bond Ost is cylindrical in shape, about 13 cm. or 5.2 inches across and about three inches(8 cm.) high. BondOst or Bond Ost is approximately 2.5 pounds. Bond Ost is perishable and may require additional shipping charges. 


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