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Ekte Geitost - Goat Cheese - Ski Queen - 8.8 oz.

Ekte Geitost - Goat Cheese - Ski Queen - 8.8 oz.

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Ekte Geitost or Genuine Goat Cheese
The Ekte Geitost, or pure 100% goat cheese, from Norway is growing in popularity among customers. Golden brown and sweet Ekte Geitost can top any cracker or sandwich but Ekte Goat Cheese is also great with fruit or vegetables. Goat Cheese is made in Norway of whey, cream and milk - all from the goat! Ekte Geitost 8.8 ounces (slightly over 1/2 lb.) Ekte Goat Cheese or Geitost is perishable and may require additional shipping charges.


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