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Göteborg Julia Marie Kex

Göteborg Julia Marie Kex

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Goteborg Julia Marie Kex is a flat, biscuit-type cookie that has a semi-sweet taste. These Göteborg Julia Marie Kex cookies are very popular in Sweden, and are simple, yet perfect for mixing in with all your munching favorites! Göteborg Julia Marie Kex come in their famous gold packaging. Julia Marie Kex are 7 ounces Julia Marie Kex are manufactured by Göteborgs Kex.

Göteborgs Kex is not only Sweden’s, but Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of quality crackers and wafers. The factory is located in Kungälv, which is approximately 20 miles north of Göteborg, or Gothenburg in English. The factory is still on the same property where it began approximately 100 years ago, and manufactures the same well-known wafer variations which have become favorites throughout the generations, such as Ballerina, Singoalla, Digestive, Julia Marie, and Variant, as well as many other family favorites. Try them all today!

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